Alla Prima Painting Workshop with Liz Price
Alla Prima Painting Workshop with Liz Price
Alla Prima Painting Workshop with Liz Price

Alla Prima Painting Workshop with Liz Price


Join Cerulean Collective artist Liz Price for an energetic day of alla prima painting!  Paint directly from an engaging still life with guidance and support from Liz.  Learn to build an oil painting directly with emphasis on color, color mixing, light, paint fluidity, and building form into wet-into-wet painting. The workshop will include a tour of Price's current Cerulean Collective exhibition.

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Date:  Saturday, September 30, 2023
Time:  9 a.m. – 4 p.m. 
Fee:  $95
This workshop is running and registrations are still being accepted (space is limited)

** Sign up with a friend and receive 10% off both registrations.  Use discount code F23Class4 at checkout. 

Liz Price makes paintings that are focused on how color, light, and the viscous materiality of paint are wedded within strong composition to create paintings that glow. Her work is a testament to the tenacity and single-minded vision of a true painter’s painter.  Price uses still life, a classic foundational structure, as a point of departure. She sets up an arrangement—draped, patterned fabric; plants in ceramic pots; a piece of fruit; all on a table or stand. A historical painter’s device. From here she uses confident brushwork and heightened color to pick out a leaf, a bit of reflected light, the shadow of an object and spread them across the empty painting surface, blowing the trope apart. These fragmented objects come to rest in a strong composition that echoes the original setup but makes the viewer see it through different eyes. It has exploded in lush color and creamy gushes of paint.  Emily Steinberg and Merrill Mason, 2023