Impasto Painting Workshop with Jeanne O'Shell

Impasto Painting Workshop with Jeanne O'Shell


Learn how to turn a quick sketch or painted study into a fully-textured oil painting using basic painting tools and a high-chroma CMY color palette. After planning out a still life with an underpainting, use thick layers of brushwork and palette knife strokes to make an expressive surface. Other techniques will include sanding multiple paint layers and building up dried paint for a sculptural effect.  Make your masterpiece unique with the impasto techniques you learn in this workshop! 

Saturday and Sunday, January 15 & 16 
10 a.m. - 5 p.m. 
Register by:  January 9 

Materials List 

    Jeanne O’Shell is a Philadelphia artist who holds a Certificate from the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts.  Trained as a painter, she also makes work using multiple media, including fiber.  Her current body of work explores the relationship between dolls and the female figure.  She believes that the human figure is the most powerful shape in art no matter what form it takes, and that the best way to explore a visual relationship is through painting.  She is a member of the Cerulean Arts Collective.