Pop-Up Holiday Cards Workshop with Alicia Mino (In-Person)
Pop-Up Holiday Cards Workshop with Alicia Mino (In-Person)

Pop-Up Holiday Cards Workshop with Alicia Mino (In-Person)


Create your own pop-up cards for birthdays, holidays and more! Learn the basics of folding and paper manipulation, the building blocks for the creation of more advanced three-dimensional constructions. Create fantastic pieces that can be later transformed into amazing books, exhibited as single sculptures, or gifted as one-of- a-kind card creations - perfect for the holidays!

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Saturday, October 29, 2022 
10 a.m. - 3 p.m. 
$85 (includes all materials) 
Registration Deadline: October 14 
** Sign up with a friend and receive 10% off both registrations.  Use discount code F22Class13 at checkout. 

Alicia Mino Gonzalez was born in Santiago, Chile, and studied drawing and painting since the age of thirteen. The urban landscape and dynamic city life were essential in the development of her social-oriented consciousness that later influenced and guided her artistic trajectory. She graduated from the Metropolitan University of Chile where she received a master’s degree in visual communication. She later moved to Italy where she spent fifteen years studying art history, oil painting, and sculpture; there she also participated in solo and group shows alongside many recognized Italian artists. Her European experience improved her pictorial technique and deepened her understanding of the positive impact of art in society. With this new-found knowledge, Alicia started an educational path, founding the Mates Art and Design Studio, where she taught drawing, oil/acrylic painting, and sculpture fundamentals for ten years.  Most recently, she has served as the adjunct faculty member at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts and an instructor at the Samuel S. Fleisher Art Memorial.