Underpainting and Layering with Anthony Ciambella & Kyoko Miyabe via Zoom

Underpainting and Layering with Anthony Ciambella & Kyoko Miyabe via Zoom


Explore traditional and contemporary techniques for oil and acrylic underpainting in this live Zoom lecture and demonstration. Topics include a variety of palettes, transparent and translucent color layering, supports, and painting mediums.  Essential for painters of all levels!  Be sure to see Ciambella and Miyabe's two-person exhibition, Translucent Memories, on view September 9 – October 18. 

Sunday, October 18;
10 a.m. – 12 p.m. 
Registration Deadline:  October 14 

Anthony Ciambella  holds a Certificate in painting from the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts where he has taught over 25 years. He works as a painter, sculptor, photographer, mixed media and digital artist. Through his work as a painting conservator, Ciambella gained expertise in a plethora of art-making materials.  Intrigued by ancient civilizations, ethnography and rituals, he draws on a wide range of artistic traditions.  Latent realities beyond the reach of the everyday seduce his creative unconscious and become manifest in his work – work that he can’t hope to explain. 

Kyoko Miyabe is a faculty member and Chair of the Humanities and Sciences Department at the School of Visual Arts in New York.   She holds a BA from Brown University, an MA from York University, England and a Ph.D. from Cambridge University, England.  Her paintings feature organic shapes in a world of their own, painted with rich, glowing colors achieved through the application of semi-transparent layers.   Her ink drawings are similarly solitary and biomorphic but rendered in a graphic and linear style.   Her drawings were featured in Celia Bland’s 2017 book of poetry, Cherokee Road Kill.