20th Reunion Exhibition of The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts MFA Class of 1996

Astrid Bowlby, Calvin as ray gun, a; Calvin as ray gun b
Astrid Bowlby, Pencil Stencil, version 4a; Pencil Stencil, version 4b

Pat Boyer, The Beast

William Eric Brown, I-95

John Bybee, Path

John Bybee, Coring

Alexander Cheves, Pop Shop

Alexander Cheves, untitled

Michael Kowbuz, Nova

Michael Kowbuz, Dodge

Yuri Makoveychuk, Stephanie

Meg McDevitt, untitled

Meg McDevitt, untitled

Michael Moore, Thanks for Coming

Hiro Sakaguchi, Thymine - One of Four Nucleobases in Nucleic Acid of DNA

Mark Shetabi, Camper (Pod)

Kevin Strickland, Kruse