Alyce Grunt

Cerulean Arts Collective Member Alyce Grunt
I like spending time noticing things around me and seeing what happens when I let my hands and brain have a conversation about the noticed things, usually with oil paint, but also at times with watercolors or painted papers collaged together. In exploring my surroundings, whether outdoors or in more familiar interior settings, I find I am searching for how to combine colors and fit the pieces of a subject together in a satisfying way. Often this means by better understanding how light and shadows create the forms and depth in the objects and settings I’m regarding. I then spend a lot of time looking at the work while it’s underway by staring at it from different vantage points and making small adjustments as I go. At times the work reveals meanings I didn’t anticipate when I started. Hopefully when I’m finished, I not only have had time to focus on something visually interesting to me but also a better understanding of why it caught my eye in the first place.  

Alyce Grunt Resume 

Alyce Grunt, Plant Surround, oil on linen, 24" x 24"  Available 

Alyce Grunt, Butternut Squash, Blue Glass and Spider Plant, oil on linen, 12" x 12"  Available 

Light Trails and Jars, oil on line, 20" x 20"  Available 

Mill Creek, oil on linen, 12" x 12"  Available 

Warbling Water, oil on linen, 12" x 12"  Available 

Wissahickon Muses, oil on linen, 24" x 36"  Available