Andrea Lyons

Andrea Lyons during her exhibition at Cerulean Arts

The womb is the original Home. My work is about the home and the materials that are symbolic of it.  I have used wood both to paint on and as part of the ubject of the painting. The connection of wood as part of the structure of the house and also part of the tree form. The layers of the bark of the tree as related to the layers of skin. The correlation of flesh to wood and other building materials. 

I use a cut wood shape to paint on instead of the usual rectangle. Many works I have done have the grain of the wood elaborated. Sometimes a part of a figure will appear or a bird. I use paint like it was clay. Sometimes I make my own encaustic paint, which is a mixture of wax and oil paint. Textures are important to me.

Ascension, oil on wood panel, 36" x 22"  Available 

Bird in Flight, oil on wood panel, 20" x 34"  Contact Gallery

Bird in Nest, stoneware with Spanish moss, 12" x 12"  Contact Gallery

Bird and Tree, stoneware, 8" x 13" x 4"  Available 

Feeding Frenzy, terracotta, 10" x 14" x 3"  Contact Gallery

Bohemian Rhapsody, oil on wood panel, 29" x 12"  Contact Gallery

Corner, oil on wood panel, 27" x 25"  Contact Gallery

Diamond in the Rough, oil on wood panel, 20" x 17"  Contact Gallery

Facet, oil on wood panel, 31" x 12"  Contact Gallery

Homage to Gehry, oil on wood panel, 33" x 27"  Contact Gallery

Homage to Richard Serra, oil on wood panel, 28" x 41"  SOLD   

A Room Divided, oil on wood panel, 27" x 35"  Contact Gallery 

Honky Cat, oil on wood panel, 26" x 22"  Available 

Grained City, terracotta, 17" x 10" x 3"  Available 

Little Houses, oil on wood panel, 27" x 14"  Available 

Log and Sky, stoneware, 13" x 10" x 4"  Contact Gallery

Sectioned, oil on wood panel, 28" x 18"  Contact Gallery

Sky, Window, Room, oil on wood panel, 26" x 23"  Contact Gallery

Wood Derivation, stoneware, 14" x 13" x 4"  Contact Gallery

Yellow Wedge, stoneware, 13" x 8" x 5.5"  Contact Gallery

Blazing Grain, oil on wood panel, 33.25" x 17.5"  Contact Gallery