Bill Brookover

Cerulean Arts Collective Member Bill Brookover
My art practice is grounded in my training in architecture and design, which are the inspiration for my printmaking. I learned early on that for me, creativity thrives within set boundaries, so I set rules for myself: a pattern, a color palette, a strategy for action. As I explore, I look for as many variations and combinations as possible. I’m interested in pushing the boundaries of my rules, looking for unexpected juxtapositions, playfulness, and variety within the system I’ve set in motion. I use geometry as a generator of form using the ideas of multiples and repetition inherent in printmaking to explore the idea of creativity through variety, diversity, options, possibility & surprise. 

The ability to form a mental image, or to set in motion a process, and then to create something, whether in ceramics, textile, building, or a work on paper, is a fundamental human trait that I treasure. I bring this reverence for human creativity to my work in the studio and the classroom. 

 Bill Brookover Resume 

Over Under Sideways Down #2, screeprint, 8" x 12"  Available 

Circles in Motion, cyanotype, 6.75" x 8.25"  Available 

Floating Jewels, cyanotype, 7.5"  5.5"  Available 

Atmospheric Rotations, screenprint & relief collage, 15" x 11"  Available 

Spherical Aberrations #3, screeprint, 15" x 15"  Available 

Merce #5,  screenprint, 11" x 15"  Available