Botanical Inspirations

Botanical Inspirations 
Antoaneta Denkin, Jere Edmunds, Linda Gist, 
Nancy Sophy, Susan Van Campen & Camille Ward 
September 1 - 26, 2021 

Cerulean Arts celebrates nature with the exhibition Botanical Inspirations, featuring artwork by Antoaneta Denkin, Jere Edmunds, Linda Gist, Nancy Sophy, Susan Van Campen, and Camille Ward.  Denkin’s wonderfully observed studies of plants, flowers, nuts and bulbs reveal her complete command of drawing and watercolor methods.  Gist creates carefully rendered watercolor paintings of flowers and plants, and especially enjoys painting subjects grown by her husband in their own garden.  Edmunds’s carefully cropped, close-up photographs of flowers reveal both his discerning filmmaker’s eye for composition and passion for nature’s beauty.   Van Campen’s large-format watercolor paintings demonstrate a virtuoso combination of painterly color washes and crisp contours, capturing the fleeting beauty of nature’s delicate forms.  Sophy uses oil mediums on paper to explore controlled mark making, process, imagery and the transforming effects of light on, within and through her surfaces.  Ward’s paintings and drawings juxtapose carefully rendered plant forms against dramatic landscape settings, creating deep space and a sense of mystery. 

Linda Gist, Geranium (Pelargonium), watercolor and color pencil on paper, H 19" x W 15"  

Camille Ward, Black-Eyed Susan Vine, oil on panel, H 24" x W 14"  

Susan Van Campen, Nasturtium, Monkshood and Black Walnuts, Late Fall, watercolor on paper, H 23" x W 30"  

Nancy Sophy, The Garden of Solitude, poppy seed oil, pastel on paper, H 20" x W 30"  

Nancy Sophy, Safi House (Before and After), poppy seed oil, pastel on paper, H 20" x W 30"  

Antoaneta Denkin, Chestnuts, watercolor on paper painting, H 9" x W 15.5" 

Antoaneta Denkin, Rose Study, watercolor on paper, H 12" x W 19"  

Linda Gist, Parrot Tulip (Yellow), egg tempera on paper, H 7.5" x W 7.5"  

Susan Van Campen, Crabapples with Daylilies, watercolor on paper, H 23" x W 30"  SOLD 

Jere Edmunds, Daylilies, Germantown, digital photograph, H 23.5" x W 17.5"  

Jere Edmunds, Clematis, Fitler Square, digital photograph, H 23.5" x W 17.5" 

Linda Gist, Pluot 1, egg tempera on paper, H 3.75" x W 3.75"  SOLD 

Susan Van Campen, Rosehips and Dahlias, Late August, watercolor on paper, H 30" x W 23"  SOLD 

Jere Edmunds,  Platycodon, Powelton, digital photograph, H 23.5" x W 17.5"  

Jere Edmunds, Hydrangea, Powelton, digital photograph, H 23.5" x W 17.5"  

Linda Gist, Hydrangea in Autumn, egg tempera on paper, H 13" x W 10" 

Antoaneta Denkin, Tulips, watercolor on paper, H 22" x W 27.25"  

Camille Ward, Black Kniola, oil on panel, H 14" x W 12" SOLD  

Camille Ward, Milkweed, oil on panel, H 14" x W 12"  

Nancy Sophy,  Sitta's Garden at Night, poppy seed oil, pastel on paper, H 30" x W 20"