Carol Cole

Carol Cole in her studio

I am inspired by the works of anonymous tribal artists and architects whose archetypal forms and symbols speak a universal language, crossing barriers of time and culture. In my work, I aim for the same universality by making multicultural references and seeing beauty in unexpected places. I use what will become the relics of our time - found manufactured and natural objects – and transform them into iconic abstract sculptures.
As a member of the Philadelphia Dumpster Divers, I live by the motto “Trash is a failure of imagination.” In our ever consuming and disposing society, I aim to inspire people who see my work to think about creative re-use. The work is an example of object-inspired design; the form and content of each piece is dictated by the found objects used.
My work explores the synergy that comes from combining the traditional craft of handmade paper with the relatively new medium of found object assemblage. I create a duality in which what is new looks old, what is light appears heavy and what is ordinary seems extraordinary.
I have been making “green” art since before there was a name for it. I see beauty where others see trash. I am a beachcomber, not only at the shore but on city streets. I walk with my eyes down and find treasures everywhere. I shop for art materials in junk yards. I am a gatherer, not a hunter. I don’t know what I am looking for until I see it. I don’t know what I am making until it is finished. My sculptures want to be touched as well as seen. My favorite color is rust.

All Wound Up, handmade paper pulp, mixed-media, wood box, bamboo, kite string, glass beads, metal, 20" x 28" x 3"  Available 

Rainbow Rising, handmade paper pulp, mixed-media, flying shuttles, ribbon, buttons, hair clips, 20" x 38" x 3"  SOLD  

Triskelion, handmade paper pulp, mixed-media, metal, pins, 22" x 22" x 3"  Available 

Unity, handmade paper and pulp, mixed-media, wood molding, beads, brass hardware, rope, 21" x 11" x 3"  Available 

Glow, mixed-media, paper, pulp, granite, computer parts, tin molds, CO2 cartridges, pins, beads, 21" x 13" x 3"  Available

Holding It All Together, mixed-media, paper pulp and rope, 34" x 29" x 4"  Available

Starlight, mixed-media, paper pulp, metal hardware, roofing nails, wire mesh, drawer pulls, beads, washers and pins, 19" x 14" x 5"  Available