Caroline Furr

Caroline Furr during her exhibition at Cerulean Arts motifs from nature: wobbly and abstract
geometry: playful and fun
          anthropomorphic even when there are people 

aligned with Eastern painting and American Tonalism 
with Surrealism on the side
the work is neither obtrusive or obscure 

Detached, mixed-media on board, 40" x 30"  Available 

Released, mixed-media on board, 40" x 30"  Available 

Garden Gate, gouache on panel, 22" x 30"  Available 

Near Bath, mixed-media on canvas board, 15" x 19"  Available 

Tender, mixed-media on canvas board, 22" x 30"  Available 

Night Falling, mixed-media on panel, 19" x 21"  Available 

Planet, gouache on panel, 15" x 18"  Available 

Daydream, gouache on panel, 12" x 15"  Available