Christine Stoughton

Christine Stoughton

The works selected for this exhibition are based on the shared common experience in 2020 of the struggles to stay connected in a very disconnected world.
Formally, artists always deal with the questions of relationships and connectivity. These works explore connection and disconnection both formally and thematically. Many of the framed works incorporate collage, thus resulting in a constructed image, and others involve the deconstruction of a material that is then rebuilt in a new manner. Some of the drawings include the adhering of 3 dimensional materials to execute the drawn image. The more linear sculptural works are approached as drawings in space, with the reflected shadows being a part of the piece. Thematically, references to bridges, ladders, crossing borders, and knots, support the formal execution of these works.
Christine Stoughton Resume 

Lyrical Ladder, vine, wire, Abaca handmade paper, 36" x 72" x 48"  SOLD

Sleeping Beauty, wood, wire, mixed media drawing, lights, glitter, mirror, plexiglass, 21" x 9" x 7"  SOLD  

Bridging the Void, wood, wire, rope, string, 20' x 14"  Available 

Glass Houses, wood, glass, 10.5" x 4" x 4"  Available 

Winter Notation #1, monotype on teabags and mulberry paper collage, 10" x 13.5"  Available 

Winter Notation #2, monotype on teabags collage with silk threads, 15" x 12"  Available 

Dancing Across, monotype, 7" x 10.5"  Available 

Finding a Way, monotype, 10" x 5.25"  Available 

Caught, monotype with pencil, 11" x 9"  Available 

Strung Along #1, monotype with graphite on paper, canvas, pushpins, 10" x 20"  Available 

Triptych, microbeads, burnt wood, charcoal, graphite drawing on Asian paper, 40" x 30"  Available 

Green and White, monotype, collage on paper on canvas with pushpins, 12" x 24"  Available 

Attached #1, monotype, 22.5" x 4"  Available 

Attached #2, monotype, 16.75" x 3.75"  Available 

Crossing Borders, deconstructed paper drawing with ink and charcoal on mylar, 28" x 15"  Available 

Creation, Homage to Michelangelo, monotype, 5.5" x 20.5"  Available 

Web, cobweb, silk thread, microbeads, burnt wood, graphite, conte pencil, mylar, 8.5" x 23"  Available 

The answer my friend is..., collaged drawing with mixed media on Asian papers, 24" x 28"  SOLD  

Spring Rain, monotype on teabags collage, 8.5" x 20"  Available 

Native Halo, curly willow, wire, dyed burlap rope, 23" x 24" x 9"  SOLD  

Strung Along #3, ink monotype with collage, 11.75" x 11.75"  Available 

Strung Along #2, ink monotype, 11.5" x 12"  SOLD  

Homage to O'Keefe, ink monotype with mixed media, 24.5" x 18"  Available 

Bluequalia #1, ink monotype, 30" x 22"  Available 

In the Breeze, ink monotype with graphite, 19" x 14.75"  Available 

From Protection and Escape series, mixed media sculpture with handmade abaca, 12" x 12" x 12"  Available