Christine Stoughton

Christine Stoughton

The focus for this 2022 exhibition is this artist’s imaginings of nature’s life experience, with its sense of vitality and power as contrasted with fragility and vulnerability. Those who are familiar with this artist’s work will recognize the reoccurring theme of the connection between the earthly and the spiritual through the metaphor of ladder and scaffold imagery and the halo. Formally, there is an exploration of the materiality of the materials used to execute the work. This includes the intentional wrinkling of paper and the different tearing of the paper’s edges to suggest the variety in the veining and boundaries of organic matter. The growth patterns of the natural materials used in the sculpture help determine their final shape, as well as the “drawn” lines of the shadows they cast on the wall. All the works have a constructed, layered quality to them, whether they are 3D or 2D, since the imagery is built, often through the inclusion of deconstructed earlier works. As with nature, it grew from what was left to rejuvenate new growth.
Christine Stoughton Resume 

Nature's Imperative, mixed media on canvas, 40" x 30"  Available 

Unfurling, mixed media on canvas, 40" x 30"  Available 

Land and Sea, monotype with chine collé, 14.75" x 11"  Available 

Nature's Scaffold, ink on teabag with collage, 23.75" x 5.75"  Available 

Undersong, monotype on teabags with collage on mulberry paper, 7" x 24.75"  Available 

Rising, monotype & graphite on paper, 22.25" x 12"  Available 

Rain #1, graphite & charcoal on frosted Mylar, 35"x 19.25"  Available 

Rain #2, graphite & charcoal on frosted Mylar, 36"x 17.5"  Available 

Wooed by the Moon, collagraph with charcoal on paper, 12.75"x 12.75"  Available 

And the Beanstalk, monotype with collage overlay on paper, 17.75" x 4"  Available 

Enveloping, monotype woodcut & chine collé on paper, 20"x 9.5"  Available 

Native Halo, curly willow, fiber & wire, 25" diameter  Available 

Lauder's Ladders, walking stick, wire & abaca, 36" - 50" x 2" - 7" x 3" - 6"  Available 

From Protection and Escape Series, wood, wire, rope & abaca, 3" - 7"  Available 

Specimen from Protection and Escape Series, 5" x 3"  Available 

Beach Chaff, mixed media drawing, 30" x 22"  Available 

Winter White, monotype on sculpted paper, 37" x 25"  Available 

Christine Stoughton's previous solo exhibition was held January 13 - February 7, 2021.  For inquiries on these works, please Contact Us

Glass Houses, wood, glass, 10.5" x 4" x 4"  

Attached #1, monotype, 22.5" x 4"  

Winter Notation #1, monotype on teabags and mulberry paper collage, 10" x 13.5"  

Winter Notation #2, monotype on teabags collage with silk threads, 15" x 12"  SOLD 

Finding a Way, monotype, 10" x 5.25"  

Spring Rain, monotype on teabags collage, 8.5" x 20"  

Strung Along #3, ink monotype with collage, 11.75" x 11.75"  

Lyrical Ladder, vine, wire, Abaca handmade paper, 36" x 72" x 48"  SOLD

Sleeping Beauty, wood, wire, mixed media drawing, lights, glitter, mirror, plexiglass, 21" x 9" x 7"  SOLD  

Bridging the Void, wood, wire, rope, string, 20' x 14"  

Dancing Across, monotype, 7" x 10.5"  

Caught, monotype with pencil, 11" x 9"  

Strung Along #1, monotype with graphite on paper, canvas, pushpins, 10" x 20"  

Triptych, microbeads, burnt wood, charcoal, graphite drawing on Asian paper, 40" x 30"  

Green and White, monotype, collage on paper on canvas with pushpins, 12" x 24"   

Attached #2, monotype, 16.75" x 3.75"  

Crossing Borders, deconstructed paper drawing with ink and charcoal on mylar, 28" x 15"  

Creation, Homage to Michelangelo, monotype, 5.5" x 20.5"  

Web, cobweb, silk thread, microbeads, burnt wood, graphite, conte pencil, mylar, 8.5" x 23"  

The answer my friend is..., collaged drawing with mixed media on Asian papers, 24" x 28"  SOLD  

Native Halo, curly willow, wire, dyed burlap rope, 23" x 24" x 9"  SOLD  

Strung Along #2, ink monotype, 11.5" x 12"  SOLD  

Homage to O'Keefe, ink monotype with mixed media, 24.5" x 18" 

Bluequalia #1, ink monotype, 30" x 22"  

In the Breeze, ink monotype with graphite, 19" x 14.75"