Colleen O'Donnell

Colleen O’Donnell during her exhibition at Cerulean Arts Nature's Timepieces 
“It is not down in any map. True places never are.”
Herman Melville 

Herman Melville’s Arrowhead – 
Wissahickon Creek, Pennsylvania – 
Rouffignac Cave, France – 

 Attempting to make permanent my moment here 
I put a stone in my pocket 

Ossified wood remembers her curves 
A relic of womanhood carried on through time 

Waves etch themselves into the substance of shells 
lulling me into a glimpse of the eternal 

Nature’s timepieces.  
I’m a fraction of a moment here – 
connecting with you 
Fleeting but beautiful. 

The Conversation, river stones, 2" x 5" x 3"  

Voices Unheard, terracotta and river stone, 3" x 5" x 3"  

Blue Screw, horseshoe crab, nails, screw, iron and sand, 12" x 9" x 4"   

"It's not down on any map...", colored pencil on paper 7" x 4.75"  SOLD 

"It's not down on any map..." (Ode to Herman Melville), driftwood, granite and stone, 13" x 3" x 3"  

Oceanscape, colored pencil on paper, 4.75" x 8"  SOLD  

Oceanscape, driftwood, shells and plastic straw, 6" x 18" x 6"  

Synergy, found object and wood, 4" x 9" x 5"  

Ossified Venus, colored pencil on paper, 4.25" x 7" 

Ossified Venus, wood, stone and terracotta, 3" x 8" x 3"  

Totem 1, bronze & limestone, 76" x 12" x 12"  Available 

Totem 2, bronze & limestone, 56" x 6" x 5"  Available