Dan Miller

Dan Miller at Cerulean Arts
Dan Miller is a master printmaker and long-time Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts faculty member. Inspired by the landscapes of rural Pennsylvania and Maine, Miller's daily routine is to make woodcut prints in the morning, then wood sculpture in the afternoon. Feeling a sympathy for his materials, the wood grain of Miller's relief prints is essential to his compositions of landscapes, birds, insects and portraits, while the abstract sculptures allow him to express his inner self.  


Dan Miller's current solo exhibition is on view February 14 - March 10, 2024.  
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Houkusai Pointing Toward Fuji, color woodcut, 11.25" x 17.75"  SOLD 

Summer Shore, color woodcut, 11.25" x 24"  Available 

Toward Condon Point, color woodcut, 11.25" x 26"  Available 

Blakelock, color woodcut, 16" x 11.25"  Available 

Clampett, color woodcut, 16.5" x 11"  Available 

Maya, color woodcut, 16.25" x 11.25"  Available 

Ryder, color woodcut, 14" x 10.75"  Available 

Light Caught, color woodcut, 12.5" x 9.25"  Available 

Corner of Night, color woodcut, 20.25" x 9.25"  Available 

Moment of Color, color woodcut, 6.25" x 11.25  Available 

Even the Small, color woodcut, 9.5" x 11.25"  Available 

Falling Night, color woodcut, 11.5" x 12.25"  Available

12 Tone Tall, wood, 59.5" x 4.25" Available 

Built for Up, wood, 24.5" x 8.25"  Available 

Home of the Carpenter, wood, 24.5" x 13"  Available 

Mill, wood, 17.5" x 5.75"  Available 

Reach, wood, 28.25" x 14"  Available

Round About, wood, 24.25" x 8"  Available 

Silent Place, wood, 21" x 8.5"  Available 

White Mountain, wood, 6" x 24"  Available 

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