Fran Gallun

Fran Gallun during her exhibition at Cerulean Arts

Working with my vocabulary of shapes, a mass of painted papers and different backings, and abandoning the illusion of space, I arrange shapes to float on a ground of color and texture. These shapes recall still-life objects but now feel more like ancient text or hieroglyphics or musical notes.
I work in a circular, rather than linear way, going from piece to piece developing several at once. I use both the negative and positive shape, enjoying how the cut-outs or so-called cast-offs can become part of the main story.
This work is about the surface of the papers and the shapes of the objects. It refers to archeology; ancient archetypal forms that can feel familiar and remembered simultaneously. It is a story about time passing, and at the same time, a story of joy in the materials and playfulness in the process.

Illuminated Still Life, acrylic with collage, 14" x 14"  Available 

Midnight Still Life, acrylic with collage on canvas, 18" x 24"  Available 

Shaft of Light, acrylic with collage, 14" x 18"  Available  

Object d'Art, gouache, ink & collage, 21" x 17"  Available 

After Dinner, acrylic, gouache & india ink, 19" x 15"  Available 

Homage, gouache & ink, 15" x 19"  Available