Ian Wagner

Ian Wagner

Questions of identity, self, and other have existed as long as humanity has had a collective consciousness, but how we look has changed and what we see is no longer corporeal. In our quest to create the equivalent of Paul Virilio’s “vision machine,” we have created a technological fantasy that has displaced actuality to the extent that the act of being “self” or “other” now depends on the utility and discretion of surrogate machines. We have always been unknowable in identity, now we are also blind.
Ian Wagner Resume 

Liberation, ink on paper, 31" x 23.25"  Available 

The First Time, ink on paper, 18" x 12"  Available 

The Last Time, ink on paper, 18" x 12"  Available 

Undercover, ink on paper, 18.125" x 12.5"  Available

The Harsh Light of Day, ink on paper, 6.125" x 9.125"  Available

Cold Front, ink on paper, 9.125" x 6.125"  Available

Heedless, ink on paper, 5.625" x 7.625"  SOLD