Mark Willie

Cerulean Arts Collective Member Mark Willie in his Studio
After a long career in graphic design and a continuing career in design education I have come back to painting and collaging as a method of visual exploration. My work is primarily derived from plein air landscape studies: the drawing, painting, collaging, mark-making process emerges through the experience, contemplative or spontaneous, of the environment of which it is engaged. The landscapes are generally small scale interpretive, and abstracted compositional responses to their natural surroundings. Some of the work finds its way back to the studio or gets reworked into imagined landscapes (and occasionally still life). The work is very much connected to place and in many cases around the marshes and farmland of southern Cumberland County New Jersey. 

Mark Willie Bio 

Bayside Marsh, oil & charcoal on paper, 12" x 9"  Available 

Bridge Out 1, oil & charcoal on paper, 12" x 9"  Available 

Landscape, mixed media collage, 12" x 9"  Available