Mashiul Chowdhury

Mashiul Chowdhury during his exhibition at Cerulean Arts

I am constantly inspired, perplexed, curious, amused, and awed by the elements and stories of things most of us see - and ignore - every day. The activities of human life leave traces on various surfaces sometimes intentionally, sometimes inadvertently - but rarely does anyone realize that such markings contain within them an abstract language that can be rich and compelling. They are remnants of love, of pain, of disgust, of disorder or social or political tensions.
My work is inspired by the natural world. Art has the power to make one see things in a new perspective. It allows us to develop a love for places and things that we would otherwise might not have noticed or thought of as ugly or boring. I do not recreate landscape on my canvas. I rather try to express its essence in abstract language. I work in many different medias, rooted in a subtle exploration of humanity’s complex relationship with urban life and landscape. Most of my work uses color and texture as the driving force to evoke and explore the feeling being defined.
My experiences living in crowded but vibrant cities have enabled my consciousness to a greater sensitivity of feelings. An artist must see and feel and understand as opposed to those who merely glimpse but do not really see.

Lancaster-17, oil on paper on panel, 6" x 12"  Available 

Atlantic Street-2, oil on panel, 10" x 10"  Available 

12th & Callowhill, oil on canvas, 10" x 8" Available

Hunting Park-4, oil on canvas, 6" x 8"  SOLD  

Juniata Park-1, oil and charcoal on paper, 8" x 10"  Available 

Manayunk-20, oil on panel, 6" x 6"  SOLD   

Allegheny Avenue, oil on panel, 8" x 10"  Available 

Columbus Avenue 6
, oil on canvas, 6" x 8" Available

Adams Avenue, oil and charcoal on paper mounted on panel, 8" x 10"  SOLD

Adams Avenue 2, oil and graphite on paper, 6" x 8"  SOLD

West Kensington 1, oil on panel, 8" x 8"  SOLD  

Columbus Avenue 4, oil on paper mounted on board, 8" x 8"  SOLD 

Kensington 3, oil on panel, 6" x 12" SOLD

Chester 4, oil on paper mounted on board, 6" x 6" SOLD

Columbus Avenue 7, oil on canvas, 6" x 8" SOLD