Michael Kowbuz

Michael KowbuzIn addition to his BFA and MFA degrees, Michael Kowbuz holds a Master of Art in Community College Teaching. Mike is keenly aware of the challenges artists face in making their art while often juggling other professions; he is an exhibiting artist himself as well as the former Director of Continuing Education Programs and adjunct drawing/painting faculty member at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. This gives valuable insight as to how Cerulean Arts can best serve those they represent.

With his innate interest in people and their stories, Mike excels in teaching. His firm but supportive guidance enables his students to really shine in an artistic environment. He also enjoys introducing students to other stellar artist/teachers. Art workshops and classes at Cerulean Arts are geared toward personal fulfillment; students are looking for more than simply learning a skill – they want to enjoy the experience of learning.