Nancy Halbert

Nancy Halbert

I was a choreographer and modern dancer for most of my life. It is the balance between energy and stillness that I focus on in my art. I reflect this discord in a gestural, painterly, and contemporary style. While using a variety of media I create in a raw, yet, luminous painting style. I experiment with mixing materials, such as, pencil with thinner, or charcoal with oil and create painted collages of varying surfaces as I draw into paint.
Traditionally, I begin as I would when choreographing a dance, one element moving into the next. A line begins, takes shape into mass, which will deepen with color, and then culminates into an expressionistic, impressionistic experience.
My paintings are an honest representation developed through a feminine looking glass. I look inward to paint my own personal and honest journey. I am surrounded by strong personalities and I dream vivid dreams. The mixture is a heavy cocktail between quiet and noise hence a sense of an abstracted reality.
I have had an extensive career teaching art to students of all levels and ages. My teaching is an integral part of my art making process. I never stop growing as an artist by listening to others while empowering students to create in their own personal style. I am available for workshops, lectures and private lessons in a variety of media and art topics.

Acadia National Park, pastel, 11" x 17"  Inquire 

Bass Harbor, pastel, 11" x 17"  Inquire

Blue Ridge, pastel, 9" x 7"  Available

Red Rocks, pastel, 9" x 7"  SOLD 

Abiqui, pastel, 11" x 16"  Available

Chicken Coop, pastel, 11" x 16"  Inquire

Flower Farm, Centre Harbor, N. H., pastel, 24" x 20"  Inquire

Happy Valley 2, pastel, 17.5" x 25"  Inquire

Degas Dancer, oil and pastel on canvas, 28" x 22"  Inquire

Into the Sky, oil and pastel on canvas, 29" x 24"  SOLD

Maple Syrup Runs Through, oil and pastel on canvas, 29" x 24"  Available