Paper and Plank

Paper and Plank 
Dan Miller & Gene Shaw 

January 5 - February 13, 2022 

In-Person Reception: Saturday, January 8, 2-5pm
Virtual Tour & Talk: Wednesday, January 19 at 6pm 
Zoom Registration 

Cerulean Arts is pleased to present Paper and Plank featuring woodcuts and sculptures by Dan Miller and Gene Shaw.  Miller and Shaw first met as teacher and student respectively at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts and have remained friends to this day.  With a lifelong affinity for wood – Miller grew up next to a lumberyard, and Shaw had a custom cabinetry and home-restoration business – each artist makes woodcut prints inspired by the woods, wildlife and structures of the Maine and Pennsylvania landscapes.  Miller draws and carves directly on the woodblock, while Shaw is more measured, methodically transferring his drawing to the block.   Balancing the process-oriented medium of printmaking, each artist also creates abstract sculpture with an emphasis on design, shape and color.  While Miller works solely in wood and Shaw incorporates a variety of materials, both create skillfully constructed assemblages.

Dan Miller, Western Island above Dunes, color woodcut print, 11" x 24"  Available 

Dan Miller, Corner of the Night, color woodcut print, 30.5" x 15.5"  Available 

Dan Miller, Wasp, color woodcut print, 30.5" x 15.5"  Available 
Dan Miller, Moon Awakened Bird, color woodcut print, 5.5" x 16.25"  Available 

Dan Miller, Forest Sounds, color woodcut print, 9.25" x 17"  Available 

Dan Miller, Sally Island Through Trees, color woodcut print, 9.25" x 25"  Available 

Gene Shaw, Chaos Chaos, woodcut print, 39.5" x 29.5"  SOLD 

Gene Shaw, Great Cranberry Isle Tree Portrait #4, woodcut print, 24.5" x 28.5"  Available 

Gene Shaw, Horizontal Tree, woodcut print, 17" x 39"  Available 

Gene Shaw, Old Pine, Monhegan, woodcut print, 22" x 35"  Available 

Gene Shaw, Root Fragment, woodcut print, 23" x 31.5"  SOLD 

Gene Shaw, Blue Zig Zag, hand-colored woodcut print, 15" x 15.5"  Available 

Gene Shaw, Lime Zig Zag, hand-colored woodcut print, 15" x 15.5"  Available 

Dan Miller, Archeology #5, wood, 9.5" x 8.5" x 1.75"  Available 

Dan Miller, Archeology #6, wood, 25" x 12" x 1.75"  Available

Dan Miller, Chariot, wood, 13" x 27" x 2.25"  Available 

Dan Miller, Shooting the Nile, wood, 16.5" x 23" x 3"  Available 

Dan Miller, Reach, wood, 29" x 8.75" x 2"   SOLD

Gene Shaw, RE-4764, mixed media, 10.5" x 10.5"  SOLD 

Gene Shaw, RE-5668, mixed media, 9" x 9"  Available 

Gene Shaw, RE-5827, mixed media, 13" x 13"  Available 

Gene Shaw, RE-5626, mixed media, 8" x 9.5"  Available 

Gene Shaw, Sawtooth, mixed media, 20" x 16.5"  Available 

Gene Shaw, Yellow Accent, mixed media, 8" x 10"  Available