Sean Sauer

Sean Sauer at Cerulean Arts

My paintings are an empirical exploration of the contemporary landscape. I am interested in how we use, shape, and inhabit our environment. I am drawn to subjects both ominous and beautiful. I paint on site, working from direct observation. The paintings will often take several months to resolve. The experience of being a part of the environment as I’m painting, developing a relationship with the place, becomes the most important part of my process to uncover its identity. Documenting changes in a place, from objects being moved, to shifting light and shadow, allows the painting to evolve and become more specific. Although a specific element attracts me to a site, it is not until I have spent time at a location that the true shape of the subject unfolds. Working in this manner precludes imposing a preconceived concept of the landscape, and lends itself to developing a deeper understanding through observation and contemplation.
My ideas for paintings build off of one another. I will begin painting in one spot and often end up moving to another, after being inspired by the quality of light or subject matter that I see. Or, I will add canvas to a painting, in order to include and explore how areas of a site relate to one another in one image. Lately, I have been developing groups of paintings of one location to explore the effect of creating a composite of images. Looking at a space from different views allows you to imply the totality of the space. 

Sean Sauer Resume 

Eastern State Penitentiary, Cellblock 4, oil on linen, 31" x 22"  Available 

Eastern State Penitentiary, Individual Cell, oil on canvas, 27" x 17"  Available 

Parking Lot, charcoal on paper, 12.5" x 14.5"  Available 

Planting Room, charcoal on paper, 22" x 30"  Available 

By Near Glinsk, oil on canvas, 8 1/8" x 11"  Available 

Lacken Beach, oil on canvas, 11 1/8" x 8"  Available