The Woodcut

Cerulean Arts is pleased to present The Woodcut, guest curated by master printmaker and long-time Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts faculty member, Dan Miller.  The ebb and flow of the natural world is integral to Miller’s work, particularly the landscapes of rural Pennsylvania and Maine.  Feeling a sympathy for his materials, the wood grain of Miller’s relief prints is essential to his compositions of landscapes, birds, insects and portraits.  The other artists selected by Dan Miller for this exhibition are former students of his.  They cover a broad span of his teaching career, each sharing a similar dedication to the art of the woodcut:  Matthew Colaizzo, Diego Hiromi, Andrij Maday, Gene Shaw, Priscilla Young and Julie Zahn.


Diego Hiromi, Platanos, woodcut, 6" x 9"  

Dan Miller, Maya, woodcut, 17" x 11"  

Julie Zahn, Warbler, woodcut, katazome, paint, 11.5" x 7"  SOLD  

Julie Zahn, Hermit Thrush, woodcut with paint, 8" x 9"  Available 

Priscilla Young, Revolve, 5-color woodblock print, 12" x 11"   

Dan Miller, Sally Island Through Trees, woodcut, 9.25" x 25"  

Matthew Colaizzo, Solstice, woodblock print, 17" x 10"   

Dan Miller, Eyes of the Maine Night, woodcut, 7" x 11.25"  

Andrij Maday, Bottoms Up, woodcut, 11" x 14.5"  

Priscilla Young, Luminous, trace monoprint with watercolor and hand printed collage, 26" x 17.5"  

Dan Miller, The Circle, woodcut, 11.25" x 5"  SOLD

Julie Zahn, Chickadee on Blueberry Bush, woodcut with paint, 8" x 9"  Available 

Diego Hiromi, Maunabo, woodcut, 14" x 11"   

Dan Miller, Remembered Trees, woodcut, 11" x 24"  SOLD

Dan Miller, Seeking Fish, woodcut, 9" x 14"  

Dan Miller, Island Between, woodcut, 11.25" x 26"  SOLD

Julie Zahn, Stonington Clouds, color woodcut, 10" x 8.5"  

Julie Zahn, Stonington Harbor, color woodcut, 9.5" x 9.5'  SOLD

Gene Shaw, Entanglement, woodcut, 14.5" x 18"  SOLD

Matthew Colaizzo, Rubble Piles from I-95 Overpass Construction, woodblock print, 36" x 38.5"  

Dan Miller, Moon Awakened, woodcut, 9.5" x 11.5"  SOLD   

Dan Miller, Golden Night, woodcut, 9" x 11"  SOLD   

Gene Shaw, Home at the End of the Lane, woodcut, 14.5" x 18"   

Andrij Maday, Window, woodcut, 20" x 15"  SOLD  

Dan Miller, The Fallen, woodcut, 11" x 17"