Betsey Batchelor, Cindy Stockton Moore, Lauren Whearty 
Guest-curated by Anda Dubinskis 

February 16 - March 20, 2022 
Touch Virtual Tour & Talk 

Cerulean Arts is pleased to present the exhibition TOUCH curated by Anda Dubinskis and featuring the work of Betsey Batchelor, Cindy Stockton Moore and Lauren Whearty.  The artists selected by Dubinskis strive to make sense of the world by creating something palpable from the ineffable through the touch of painting.  Betsey Batchelor, a seductive colorist, intuits the invisible and brings a deliberate, contemplative, deep space into view.  Cindy Stockton Moore creates her own inks from foraged natural materials and depicts the occupiers of space in a mutable medium, re-creating the constant shifts and changes found in nature.  Lauren Whearty’s exuberant marks and vivid colors skitter across the slick surface of YUPO paper and record modern conveniences as well as traditional still life objects.  In curating the exhibition, Dubinskis included both finished pieces and exploratory works.  By bringing the studio process into the gallery setting, she hopes to reveal something of the journey each artist takes toward a finished piece. 

Batchelor, Roundabout, oil on canvas, 60" x 50"  

Batchelor, Nonet, oil on canvas, 50" x 40"  

Batchelor, Ledge, gouache on board, 9" x 11.25" 

Batchelor, Which Way, gouache on board, 7.25" x 8.5"  

Batchelor, Landing, gouache on paper, 7" x 10.25"  

Batchelor, Portal Series (18 works), watercolor on Arches paper, 7.5" x 5.75"  

Stockton Moore, Heinz Refuge: Walnut, artist-made walnut ink on paper, 9.75" x 18" 

Stockton Moore, Winter Migration: Charcoal, artist-made charcoal ink from invasive vines on paper, 9.75" x 18"  

Stockton Moore, Cicada Studies: Acorn/Rust, artist-made acorn ink with rust modifier on paper, 12" x 16"  

Stockton Moore, Tiger Swallowtail Studies: Marigold/Rust, artist-made marigold ink with rust modifier on paper, 12" x 16"  

Stockton Moore, Leaf Studies (8 works), artist-made inks with soda ash and rust water on paper, 2.75" x 3.5"  

Stockton Moore, Reflection Movement Studies (9 works), artist-made blueberry ink on paper, 8" x 4-6"  

Whearty, Studio Still Life with Knife, oil on canvas, 21" x 24"  

Whearty, Still Life with Zinnias & Composition Book, oil on canvas, 24" x 21"  

Whearty, Desk Construction, oil on canvas, 21" x 24" 

Whearty, Still Life with Peonies oil on canvas, 24" x 21"  

Whearty, Studio Still Life with Kathleen's Sunflowers, oil on canvas, 18" x 15"  

Whearty, Hellebore, Goldfish & Notepad, watercolor on Yupo, 11" x 14"  

Whearty, Parsley on Cutting Board, watercolor on Yupo, 14" x 11"  

Whearty, Goldfish and Flowers, watercolor on Yupo, 14" x 11"  

Whearty, Still Life with Zinnias, watercolor on Yupo, 9" x 12"  

Whearty, Still Life with Zinnias, watercolor on Yupo, 12" x 9"  

Whearty, After Suzanne Valadon, watercolor on Yupo, 12" x 9"