Twist of Nature: Caroline Furr & Linda Brenner

Cerulean Arts is pleased to present Twist of Nature, featuring mixed-media paintings by Caroline Furr and sculptures by Linda Brenner.  Nature serves as the starting point for both artists' work.  Caroline Furr's paintings evoke the ephemeral moments of nature such as the fall of a petal or grass illuminated by moonlight.  Her large-scale pieces envelop the viewer in a silvery world of calligraphic line and ambiguous forms with punches of jewel-tone colors.  Based on geometry and the inherent structural order of nature, Linda Brenner's forms originate from explorations of growth patterns in leaves, flowers and human anatomy.  Her wood sculptures give new life to the cut down and discarded city trees from which they are carved. 

Caroline Furr, Red Room, mixed media on rag paper, 64" x 42”.

Linda Brenner, Night Blossom, ginko, paint on concrete, 52” x 14” x 13”.

Caroline Furr, View of the City, mixed media on rag paper, 45" x 64”.

Linda Brenner, Red, various woods, coke cans, nails, 25” x 7” x 7”.

Linda Brenner, Target, various woods, beads, nails & metal, 27” x 10” x 10”.

Caroline Furr, Birds at Night, mixed media on rag paper, 63" x 42”.

Linda Brenner, Christmas Tree #1:  Button Stick, Christmas tree, gold leaf, buttons, nails, found wood & concrete base, 78” x 8” x 8”. 

Linda Brenner, Christmas Tree #10: Levi’s Pole, Christmas tree, Levi inseams, concrete base, 96” x 10” x 10”.                        

Linda Brenner, Christmas Tree # 7: Cola Pole, Christmas tree, coke can strips, nails, 90” x 7” x 7”.

Caroline Furr, Floating World, mixed media on rag paper, 70" x 45”.

Caroline Furr, Moon Rises Over the Backyard, mixed media on rag paper, 30" x 22”. A

Linda Brenner, Chevron, wood, paint, corian, pearls, 16” x 12” x 5”.

Caroline Furr, Cherry Blossoms, mixed media on paper, 96" x 42”.

Caroline Furr, Trees and Their Shadows, mixed media on rag paper, 22" x 30”.

Linda Brenner, February, carbonized wood, brass & nails, 25” x 9” x 9”.

Linda Brenner, Fortress, walnut, maple, aluminum, beads, nails, 19” x 9” x 9”.

Caroline Furr, Undersea, mixed media on rag paper, 63" x 45”.

Linda Brenner, Friday and Saturday, wood, paint, gold leaf, 45” x 15” x 12” and 52” x 15” x 11”.