Color Theory Meets Pigment Reality Workshop with Bruce Garrity

Color Theory Meets Pigment Reality Workshop with Bruce Garrity


Drawing is feeling. Color an act of reason. - Pierre Bonnard

Color is perhaps the most misunderstood and confusing element of painting for people.  This workshop will focus on color’s theoretical underpinnings —how it works and why it works— and how to apply these principles when faced with the reality of painting with artist's pigments. 

Key elements of understanding and mixing color effectively will be covered including:

  • Optical light and its relation to color
  • The elements of of color: hue, value, saturation, and temperature
  • The color wheel and color relationships
  • The value scale (light & dark)
  • Color temperature (warm/cool)
  • Understanding pigment (paint) colors
  • Mixing chromatic grays
  • Seeing color changes caused by light and surrounding colors
  • Creating specific color palettes 
During the workshop, participants will work to develop their own vocabulary of color through making color studies and scales, and paint from a still life to practice seeing, relating and mixing colors.  This workshop is designed for beginning through intermediate painters who are looking to gain a greater understanding of color and the color mixing process.  Participants may choose to work in oil or acrylic.

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Date:  Saturday May 18, 2024
Time:  9 a.m. - 4 p.m. 
Fee:  $95
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Bruce Garrity is a member of the Cerulean Arts Collective.  His landscape, figure and still life paintings are poetic explorations of pictorial inventions and equivalents for visual experience, developed from perceptual drawing and painting, memory, and the experience of history and art history.  He was an adjunct instructor at Rutgers Camden for over 25 years, and also taught at Stockton University, the University of Delaware, DCAD, and Rowan University.