Katie Knoeringer

Katie Knoeringer at Cerulean Arts Shape and tonal contrast drive my collages. They come from sketchbook drawings: maps of interiors and everyday spaces quickly rendered and reiterated. From my drawing studies, I begin a slow accruing of paper slivers. The process, akin to painting in its decision-making, is slow and intimate like walking around the block. It encourages time to consider everyday objects and to appreciate ordinary spaces. The work grows and shifts organically, meandering out towards its edges. The resulting collage is a new interpretation evocative of gesture and light.

The Oasis, painted paper collage, 36" x 31"  Available 

Lemon Verbena, painted paper collage, 22" x 18"  Available 

Nightscape I, painted paper collage, 23" x 15"  Available 

5 am, painted paper collage, 30" x 20"  Available 

View from the Kitchen, painted paper collage, 15" x 11"  Available 

Summer Door, painted paper collage, 40" x 29"  Available 

Backyards at Night (II), painted paper collage, 21" x 15"  Available 

Backyards at Night (III), painted paper collage, 28" x 31"  Available 

Window View with Cactus, painted paper collage and thread, 16" x 11"  Available